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It is Smart CupsTM’ mission to be the world’s premier provider of great tasting, convenient-to-use beverages. Leveraging our patented Smart Cups TechnologyTM, we are revolutionizing refreshment by delivering everyone’s favorite beverages with the utmost convenience of a virtually empty cup. Just add water and taste the future.

The Smart CupsTM Impact

Passionate about developing unique and innovative solutions—inside and outside the cup—we are not only changing the way people drink, we’re advancing the way they think about doing business by conducting ours in smart, and eco-conscious ways.

Lightweight, stackable, and shelf-stable, nearly a million Smart CupsTM can fit on the same unrefrigerated truck that typically carries only twenty-five thousand bottles or cans! This not only reduces a distributor’s or wholesaler’s carbon footprint, it reduces their shipping and storage costs, too—a savings that is undoubtedly passed on to you!

Plus, Smart CupsTM are made with BPA-free Greenware®, a clear and strong cold drink cup created exclusively from plants—not petroleum—so it’s annually renewable and commercially compostable. This greener approach to business means we’re making less waste at every step.

Exciting right? Just wait ‘til you hear about our humanitarian cup that literally saves lives. Scroll down to learn more.


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Did you know that over 783 million people worldwide don’t have access to safe drinking water?

That’s why Smart CupsTM is set to develop a water purification cup—a single-use cup that can transform contaminated water into water that is safe to drink, simply by adding it to the cup! How life-changing is that?

What’s more, Smart CupsTM has the ability to provide vitamins and nutrients to under-developed areas where there are life-threatening deficiencies, as well as to disaster relief areas where storage and transportation are limited. From folic acid to iodine, fluoride to Vitamin C and protein, Smart CupsTM can make it happen.

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Meet our founder



First generation American—his dad, Turkish and his mom, Cuban—Chris Kanik was born and raised in the industrial grit of Union City, New Jersey where he learned at an early age what it meant to sacrifice. After years of watching his parents struggle to acclimate to the social, economic and cultural distinctions encountered in America, Chris made it his mission to push boundaries and find creative solutions for the betterment of everyone.

Turning to science for help, he joined research teams within the Nutritional Sciences, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Departments at Rutgers University where he laid the foundation for what was to be the product that turned the beverage industry on its head.

All it took was a long wait for a margarita one busy taco Tuesday night for inspiration to strike and kick his entrepreneurial spirit into high gear. ‘What if I could pour some powder and make my own drink?’ he thought as he sketched out his ingenious idea on a bar napkin.

And the rest, my friends, is history. Now the cutting-edge drink supplier of the future, Smart CupsTM is evolving the way people drink by offering them a convenient way to get what they want, where they want when they want: just add water.

Taste the future. Drink Smart CupsTM.